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5 Huge Tech Predictions For 2017

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 15-Dec-2016 11:04:01
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Mobile and digital disruption has evolved into a constant wave of change. Entire industry sectors are being redefined by new and emerging technologies and 2016 has seen some huge transformations.

The impressive rise and widespread adoption of Pokémon Go accelerated digital change and highlighted the opportunities Augmented Reality (AR) has to offer. But what digital technologies should we expect to see evolve in 2017?


Voice First Browsing

Many people already utilise voice searching on a daily basis. The likes of Google Home and Amazon’s Echo are transforming the way in which interact with technology.

These types of technology are eliminating the need to use our hands and by the end of 2017, an array of devices are expected to include ‘voice first’ features.


IoT Will Continue to Rise         

The Internet of Things will continue to disrupt both the consumer space and the enterprise in 2017.

Gartner estimates that six billion connected "things" will be actively requesting support from AI platforms by 2018.

The total IoT market is estimated to grow from $157.05 billion in 2016 to $661.74 billion by 2021, predicts Markets and Markets.


VR and AR to Become More Than A Buzz

These types of technology are beginning to gain traction. These past 12 months have seen AR and VR become a major buzz topic.

Much more progress is expected to be made in 2017. IDC predicts that worldwide revenues for the augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) market will grow from $5.2 billion in 2016 to more than $162 billion in 2020.


The Evolution of Online Shopping

The way we shop online will completely change in 2017 and beyond, with AR playing a major role. Retailers are beginning to experiment with AR, allowing customers to try before they buy.

Whilst it is still early days for retailers adopting this type of tech, it shows just where online shopping is heading in the near future.


5G is Coming

5G mobile technology is on the horizon and customer experience is the first thing to be improved. The shift towards the revolutionarily fast technology is inevitable and provides a wide range of benefits for consumers and businesses alike.

While 5G is still in the early, even conceptual stage, organisations should keep a close eye and consider how they’re going to incorporate it within both their IT initiatives and their competitive business strategy moving forwards.


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