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2015 Mobile and Digital Predictions

Posted by Chris Williams on 08-Jan-2015 09:47:37
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Here is a round up of B60's top 5 2015 mobile and digital predictions...

1. App Downloads Will Surpass Facebook Friend and Twitter Followers for Most Brands

This is a big one not to be ignored!! Mobile is not showing signs of slowing and continues to push ahead and 2015 is the year where app downloads will surpass social media followers. Meaning most brands and businesses need to invest time and resource in their mobile strategy and ensuring that their customers mobile experience is a positive one. According to this article, its already started to happen with some top US brands seeing huge sways. In addition there are further 9 mobile predictions laid out. - Read the full piece here


2. Real Time Will Become A Major Goal

Customers want information at the precise moment of need. We're all conditioned to an extent to expect this. Over the last 18 months we've seen a huge surge in businesses seeking to ensure their customers and staff have access to real time information. The proliferation of mobile means that consumers demand this, but also this means that businesses are able to ensure their workers can perform better and be more efficient, whilst also providing much higher levels of services. Real Time information will be a big trend in 2015 as smart brands and businesses embrace mobile technology to improve performance


3. Wearable Tech Will Become More Main Stream

With Apple Watch soon to be launched and the plethora of fitness bands already on the market, wearable tech is no longer just for geeks. 2015 will see big shifts, not just in the consumer adoption, but also in businesses as companies seek to improve employee safety and enhance working environments. Discover more on wearable in 2015 here


4. Beyond Wearables, Mobile Tech Will Revolutionise Health Monitoring

Wearables started the trend of health monitoring and boy can they do some cleaver things - but nothing quite yet comes close to My Vessyl. 2015 will see products like this come on to the market and begin to enhance our lives further, but is it all a bit too much?? I think its pretty cool. Not heard of Vessyl? Check it out here - Click Here


5. Content Will Be More Important Than Ever

The phrase 'Content is King' is long standing in most digital marketing forums, but 2015 will see the importance of content become more important than ever. Whilst many talk about personalisation, and this is important, its also about relevance. 2014 saw native ads becoming more popular than ever, but relevance to the audience is where it will be in 2015. There is more content available than people can consume so hyper-relevant and personalised content is crucial.

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