A Mini Survival Guide to Digital Disruption

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 26-Jun-2017 14:40:43

In order to stay relevant, businesses must stay ahead of the momentous shifts which are perpetual in digital technology. Forrester research found that only 27 percent of operating companies have a working digital strategy, and for many organisations, keeping pace is proving to be a real challenge.

Businesses are at risk of falling behind their competitors and being disruptive and proactive is the only way they will be seen as market leaders moving forwards.

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Topics: Disruption and Change, Digital Transformation

Age of the Chatbot: Building a More Productive Team

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 22-Jun-2017 14:14:07

Whilst chatbots have become hugely beneficial for personalised customer experiences, these digital assistants are also helping businesses build a more productive team and improve internal communications.

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Topics: AI, Digital Transformation, App Development

Implementing Immersive Technologies: On Your Marks, Get Set, Go!

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 20-Jun-2017 08:52:19

Immersive technologies are driving digital transformation and bringing an unquestionable amount of benefits to businesses. From scalability to greater efficiency, this emerging tech is creating an enhanced user experience for both customers and employees. And whilst some of these immersive technologies are still a few years away from mainstream adoption, organisations must be on their toes to take full advantage when these unique opportunities finally come to fruition.

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Topics: AR and VR, Disruption and Change, Enterprise Mobility, Digital Transformation, UX/UI

TechXLR8 and London Tech Week 2017: B60 Review

Posted by Eleanor Burt on 19-Jun-2017 14:06:40


Last week, the B60 Sales and Marketing team packed their suitcases and headed down to extremely sunny East London for TechXLR8, arranged by Knect365 and part of the London Tech Week. It was a time for the whole team to come together. As we have expanded, we have consultants in the US, London and Ireland (as well as the trusty West Midlands HQ!) so it was a great team bonding exercise, as well as a brilliant opportunity to showcase our brand and to learn about emerging tech from global leaders and pioneering startups.





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Planet of the Apps - The B60 Breakdown

Posted by Eleanor Burt on 08-Jun-2017 11:25:33

You may have seen the super dramatic, super cheesy and super American adverts for the brand new Apple show ‘Planet of the Apps’. If you haven’t, will.i.am told Apple that people would want to watch budding ‘app-trepreneurs’ (have I coined that phrase?) slide down an escalator for sixty seconds pitching their app idea to 4 sassy public figures – will.i.am, Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow and Gary Vaynerchuk. If the advisors like the idea and ‘swipe’ to accept working with the budding techies, they then support them through a development and fundraising process to get the app in the app store via a final venture capitalist pitch. It’s a bit like an ‘Inception’ of Dragon’s Den - A Dragon’s Den within a Dragon’s Den.


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WATCH: What Would Life be Like Without Apps?

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 06-Jun-2017 14:51:18

Apple kicked off this year’s WWDC in dramatic fashion, giving us all a glimpse of what life would be like without apps.

The conference’s opening video entitled 'APPOCALYPSE' features a new employee at Apple inadvertently unplugging the App Store servers, with total chaos ensuing.

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Dominate the App Stores in 4 Simple Steps

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 05-Jun-2017 14:28:52

Getting your app noticed in the major app stores can be a bit of challenge for businesses and brands. With over 2 million apps vying for your attention, it’s important to understand the various methods of marketing your app.

ASO (App Store Optimisation) is a crucial part of marketing your application and making sure it ranks higher in an app store’s search results. The higher your app ranks, the more visible it will be to potential customers and this increased visibility tends to translate into more traffic to your app’s page in the app store.

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Topics: Mobile Marketing, App Optimisation

Manufacturing is Being Revolutionised by the IoT

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 01-Jun-2017 10:41:17

The Internet of Things is transforming a wide range of industry sectors, automating processes and driving greater efficiency across organisations. The manufacturing sector is no different; processes have been streamlined and this emerging tech has become an integral part of a manufacturer’s digital ecosystem.

From the automotive sector to pharmaceuticals, companies are beginning to invest heavily in IoT devices, reaping the benefits of a rapidly growing technological revolution. And for manufacturers, it’s now mission critical to create products that provide meaningful data throughout their entire lifecycle.

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Topics: IoT, Digital Transformation

Working for a Mobile App Agency: Life at B60

Posted by Eleanor Burt on 31-May-2017 08:48:45

When I started this job a week ago I was scared. I had no experience of working in the tech industry and I had even less experience of working in mobile app development. Fret not, Dear Reader, as I am not at all responsible for the creation of apps here at B60 and your new 'under construction' app is not being compromised by my employment. 

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The Productivity Paradox

Posted by Alex Mills-Baker on 25-May-2017 09:56:36

An examination of struggling productivity levels in the “always on” digital world


“You work inefficiently”


If you’re reading this article and work for a British based business, then this statement is statistically likely to be true. Workers in UK businesses, on average, produce significantly less per hour worked than the G7 average and over 30% less than the average German employee (Financial Times).

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Topics: Disruption and Change, Digital Transformation