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VIDEO: B60 Release "Go Mobile" Book

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 01-Jul-2015 10:59:24

We've written a book! Go Mobile looks at how mobile application development is changing the way enterprises operate and B60 are at the heart of it. 

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Native vs Hybrid: Choosing the Right Type of App

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 30-Jun-2015 13:20:00

There is no definitive answer as to which type of development technology you should utilise for your application. The choice needs to fit your business and what exactly it is that you’re looking to develop, functionality and also usability. There is no right nor wrong when it comes to Native and Hybrid Apps, but it’s important to establish which technology is right for the app in question, early on in the development cycle.

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Google Rival Apple in Music Streaming Battle

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 25-Jun-2015 07:39:30

Google are set to rival the likes of Apple, Spotify and Tidal in a battle between the best music streaming services. Play Music now offers a free, ad-supported tier that offers curated playlists designed for different times of the day and tailored towards what you are doing. Let the games begin!

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Apple Update iTunes Connect

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 23-Jun-2015 10:11:19

Apple has rolled out a new version of its iTunes Connect portal which developers use to submit and manage their apps on the App Store. A number of improvements have been made to web-based tool and it will bring a lot of positives to developers, including B60. But it’s not only the app development industry that will benefit from this update, it will have an impact on businesses who have already gone mobile or are thinking about doing so in the future.

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The Rise of Mobile Research

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 18-Jun-2015 13:30:00

Research and mobile are a match made in heaven. The capabilities mobile has to offer combined with the increasing methods in which research and data can be collected has seen results become invaluable for businesses. 

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VIDEO: What We Think of Apple's New Releases

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 17-Jun-2015 14:55:00

Apple recently launched Apple Music, iOS 9 and a UK version of Apple Pay at The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. B60 Directors Chris Williams and Tim Mayneord discussed Apple's WWDC and gave their verdicts on all of the major annoucements. 

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Google Launches Tool That Helps You Choose Your Ideal Android Phone

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 16-Jun-2015 09:46:00

The choice of Android phones on the market is quite staggering and can it be a real challenge when deciding which one you want. The launch of Google’s new “Which Phone” Tool is set to make the process a whole lot easier. By answering a few questions about what you want the phone to do and include, Google will suggest a model that is best for you.

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How to Increase Your Mobile App User Retention

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 11-Jun-2015 11:46:58

It’s important to create an innovative mobile app that your customers will want to use and download. However, it’s even more important that they keep coming back to the app and it retains their interest. For the amount of time and money that you spend developing an app, it is a crime for your customers to download the app, use it once and then never return to it again. Here’s how you stop this from happening…

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Apple Music and Apple Pay UK Launched at WWDC

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 09-Jun-2015 12:34:00

Apple have announced they will be launching a new music service called Apple Music, which is set to rival Spotify. The new app combines music streaming, downloads and internet radio and has been deemed as the new platform for artists to share unreleased tracks and other material.

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5 Simple Steps to Creating a Compelling Mobile Experience

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 04-Jun-2015 13:51:00

Creating a great customer experience is vital for any business. It will earn their loyalty and gain repeat business. And the same goes when it comes to mobile apps. Failing to focus on the user experience of your mobile app is unforgivable and in the long run, it simply won’t work. Follow these 5 simple, yet crucial, steps and your business will be in good stead for creating a compelling mobile experience for your customers…

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